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District Heating

District heating provides low carbon energy to commercial, domestic, and public buildings. The system generates heat in a centralised location that is then distributed via insulated piping in the form of either water or steam. This source of low carbon energy can be used for requirements such as space and water heating.


At CSW Process, our district heating team is dedicated to providing efficient and high-quality installations. Our experienced surveyors, engineers, welders, and groundwork team are committed to confidently managing projects, ensuring that infrastructure remains undisturbed during work.

As industry leaders, we are constantly improving and ensuring quality assurance. CSW Process was the first company in Europe to deliver district heating installations to Class 1 welding standards. Our professional welders and engineers are fully coded with LOGSTOR and MITTEL accreditations, guaranteeing top-quality installations.

Our in-house district heating team at CSW Process offers a range of services, including:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Utility surveys and topography

  • Pre-construction and in-construction design

  • In-house civil delivery

  • In-house welding and sleeving

  • Substation design, manufacture, and installation

  • Electrical installation

  • Utility installations such as gas, water, electricity, and fibre

  • Project management

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