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HV & LV Electrical Installations

Together, HV and LV installations form a comprehensive electrical network, ensuring a reliable and safe supply of electricity to meet our growing energy needs. Whether it's transmitting electricity across vast distances or delivering it to our homes, these installations work in harmony to power our modern world, driving progress, innovation, and connectivity. Installing and maintaining high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) networks require specialist skilled engineers.

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CSW Process Ltd boasts an expert team with HV and LV installation accreditation. With our multidisciplinary expertise and multi-sector capabilities, we can confidently update your infrastructure to allow for easy switching between high and low-voltage electricity. This will undoubtedly improve your business's efficiency significantly. 

Modernising your electrical system has many benefits, such as reducing costs, minimising risks of failure, monitoring power supplies, and reducing power output without affecting efficiency. By doing so, you can confidently run your machinery and components at the required level while minimising expenditure from oversupplying parts of your system that don't need larger electricity output. 

Our team's extensive civil engineering and management skills allow us to confidently offer a complete 'turn-key' installation as peak power STOR and district heating specialists.

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