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STOR Sites

Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) sites are essential in the UK's efforts to maintain a balanced supply of electricity during peak times. These sites serve as a reliable source of emergency energy, ensuring that the electricity grid remains stable and able to meet any unexpected surges in demand. With STOR sites in place, the UK can rest assured that there will always be enough power available to keep the country running smoothly.


At CSW Process Ltd, we are experts in the STOR energy sector, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and improvement. With our dedicated in-house project management and installation team, we are committed to delivering a fully operational site that exceeds your investment goals.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals provides a comprehensive range of services, including:

  •  Project Managemen

  • Design (Civil, Mechanical, & Electrical)

  •  Civil Installation

  • Civil Engineering

  • Mechanical Installation

  • Electrical Installation

  • Commissioning

  • As-Built 3D Model


You can trust us to transform your investment into a successful project.

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